Are you ready to treat your body, mind, and spirit like the kingdom it was meant to be? Making healthy choices doesn’t have to be a chore or a challenge. Each day that you wake up you can feel better and ready to embrace new healthy habits.

For $197

Here’s what the 30 days will look like:

Daily Benefit – Healthy Habit:  Start each day with 1 new healthy habit or action.

Daily Benefit – Positive Mindset:  Gain clarity and a positive mindset.

Daily Benefit- Support: Coaching Support!

Weekly Benefit – KNOW what’s for dinner with weeks of meal plans (includes recipes.)

Lifetime Benefit – An empowered you, obtain lifetime healthy habits.

Bonuses – A Pantry Guide, A Kitchen Tool Guide, A Veg & Fruit Washing Guide, + more.



Give yourself 30 days to create, enjoy, and embrace supportive health and lifestyle changes

You’ll save time and money with a plan for each week’s meals

  • If you have a question or need support… your coach is a message away!
  • It is an entire DIY convenience package with personal & individual support for the next 30 days!

Listen, you get a coach for the kid’s little league or to improve your golf game.  You probably have a financial “coach,” the person who helps you with your retirement plans.

Bottom line… Coaching is critical to your long-term success.

Everyone is better when they have support and this is the support you’ve been waiting to have.  

You are smart enough to know that eating well matters but you are also confused about what “well” is.
Cooking at home is not a practiced skill.
You need a plan.
You need a place to start.
You need food you recognize.
Additionally, there are other lifestyle choices that are a concern…
Sleep, Exercise & Stress…to name a few!

There will always be excuses. Do you know what is on the other side of that fence of excuses? Freedom!  If not now when? You deserve support. You are not in this alone. Together, we are stronger!


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