Chicken Bone Broth

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Chicken Bone Broth in Slow Cooker
  1. Place the carcass (bones and such that are leftover from a deboned cooked* chicken) of one chicken in a slow cooker (crockpot) and cover with filtered water.
  2. Add 1tsp sea salt and pepper or to taste.
  3. (optional: 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots, 2 cloves garlic, 1 onion)
  4. Begin the slow cooker on high for ONE hour. Reduce to simmer on low for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.
  5. Remove any large bones or parts. Strain the broth through a metal strainer.
  6. Chilling the broth is the last important step. Broth can hold heat for a long time, putting it in the bacterial danger zone for several hours. Make an ice bath (water and ice) in your sink and strain your broth into another pot or metal bowl. Then set the bowl in the ice bath. Stir the broth that is in your pot or bowl to chill quickly.
  7. Pour into mason jars for storage. Leave 1” at the top for expansion.
  8. Refrigerate or freeze for use later. Your broth is great to use: to Drink it, cook with it, or make soup with it.
Recipe Notes

*NOT SUITABLE RECIPE for using RAW bones.

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