"It was no coincidence that I was introduced to Karen Lopez  in the Summer of  2014.   We were both on a path of wellness and  personal growth.   Our trajectory has remained in sync over the last three years and our momentum is continuing to  build.  As  graduates of the  Institute of  Integrative  Nutrition, Karen and I share the same passions...helping to improve the world's health and happiness.   As Health Coaches, it is very important to walk the walk and talk the talk!   Karen and I have been holding each other accountable for the last 18 months. Our regular  calls are always a bright spot in my busy week.   Karen's calming voice, encouraging words and extreme patience make her  an excellent Health Coach.   She is super  organized and  reliable and she takes a holistic approach to supporting the whole person.   I am a true believer in the miraculous synchronicity of the Universe and I  am forever grateful that our paths crossed!  I am very proud to call Karen Lopez my Health Coach and  look forward to the positive ripple that we will create, one pebble at a time. " 

"I had suffered from Gastritis and Esophagitis for nearly a year when I had a conversation with Karen about what to do to help alleviate those conditions.  I was so tired of feeling constantly bloated and having an upset stomach and really did NOT want to be on meds to control it for the rest of my life.   She talked to me about my diet, asked some pointed questions about it and explained how my diet was affecting the microbiota in my gut and sabotaging them so they couldn't do their job.  At the end of our talk, she suggested that I should try a course of raw apple cider vinegar and Probiotics.  I'd read about Probiotics before but there was so much conflicting information out there that I felt stymied about exactly how one should take them.  She helped me to really clarify how, and, more importantly, why I needed to take them.  I'm happy to report that within 2 weeks my symptoms had dramatically improved and I was able to stop taking Nexium.  Within 3 weeks, my stomach was back to feeling normal AND, I found that I was losing some excess weight (an added bonus). I've been med free now for nearly 6 months and, I've managed to lose nearly 10 lbs of excess weight!  Thank you, Karen! " 

"I cannot thank Karen enough for all she has done for me and would recommend her to anyone who would like to accomplish life goals and find help in bettering their life.  .  I felt that I was "stuck" regarding making necessary changes for my betterment and Karen was there for me throughout this process.   She provided me with tips, recipes, encouragement which helped me focus on getting sleep, keeping a balance of social, spiritual, and other activities, and save time in the kitchen. Her gentle, calm nature made our time together a pleasure. Many blessings to you, Karen, and I look forward to meeting again in the future." 

"I have loved working with Karen, she helped me see the bigger picture whenever I got stuck, and gave me specific tools to help me with my health challenges. Karen takes the time to really listen, it’s not a “short doctor visit”. I highly recommend her!"

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I am more comfortable making food choices. I have begun to lose weight and feel that this is going to be a sustainable plan for me.  My digestive system works better, and my sleep patterns have also improved. Karen is supportive and pleasant. She is a good listener and responds to concerns with good solutions. I recommend her to anyone that is  ready and willing to make permanent positive changes in their lifestyle to ensure a happier and healthier future."   

“Food is now fuel and not a measure for how lovable, rewarded or valuable I am. It is a real freedom to see it as nourishment. I am happier about caring for myself and realize how small changes add up to good habits for life.” - Joan, LA

"I first worked with Karen Lopez right after she completed her health coaching training. Since I had known Karen for several years and she has always been passionate about eating correctly, I knew she would be an excellent coach. I was not disappointed. Karen works with you in a gentle but firm manner. She realized that learning new eating habits is a process and for someone older like myself it was hard letting go of old habits. She has taught me many tools to continue to improve my health and lifestyle." 

"I began my one to one coaching in the midst of birthday and holiday celebrations.  In some ways this created a rich opportunity to pay attention to things like reading labels, reducing soda intake, and making a commitment to myself to act on what I wanted.   Unrelated to eating or exercising, I wanted a raise at work.  And guess what?  I got one!  Working with my coach helped me to do rather than stay stuck, so I enrolled in a course to increase my career skills.  I also learned to try some new foods and discovered I liked them… like kale! It’s an ongoing process but I’m very grateful I took the first step to do something for my health and well-being." - Sue, LA

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