Movember is here to change the FACE of Men’s Health

What is Movember
It’s November.
So let’s talk about “Movember”!  The Movember Foundation focuses on improving men’s health and especially on beating cancer.  They make a unified and universal statement each November with the growing of a moustache!  We will get started with information about the “official” rules which are not really the focus at all but are fun with the benefit of doing something outwardly (grow a moustache) to bring attention to some serious health concerns.

Originally focused on fund raising for prostate cancer research/prevention, Movember has expanded to include testicular cancer, mental health, and physical activity to target men’s health issues that receive little press but could benefit greatly from even a modest increase in awareness.  So what are the rules?

1.       On November 1, start with a clean shaven face.

2.       Grow and maintain a moustache throughout the month of November

3.       Participate in the charity event of raising funds, if you wish, at the Movember Foundation.

4.       Discuss men’s health issues with friends, colleagues and family.

You have the rules.  Now you just need to commit to YOU and your brothers to not sweep your health concerns under the proverbial rug.  Think of it as you would a sport’s team or project team for work.  You know that together you win.  So get your mates together and consider the following 3 simple steps in your game plan already!

1.       Friends are important.  Spending time with them is GOOD for you!
Cancer kills but 3 out every 4 suicides are men.  Depression happens to men and women and it’s not weakness.  Have the courage to talk with someone and to someone.  Don’t be afraid tell them the things that bother you or keep you up at night.
Men like to do stuff. To get a man to talk, ask him to do something he likes to do.   Once he is involved in doing the activity the opportunity for conversation is natural.

2.        Move more in your daily life.  Do what makes you feel good!
When you look at the word Movember, the “move” stands out.   Moving is what you need to do more of when a hard day at work means pounding on your keyboard or conducting meetings by phone or in person.  You probably have a maintenance schedule for your car or truck, right?  It’s time to make a plan for the finest machine around…your body!

Join a gym, if that is truly what gets you excited.  Otherwise, build in a walk at lunch, participate in a favorite sport (this means you PLAY not just watch), or watch your fav TV program while riding your stationary bike.

All of these are simple examples to remove the excuse and get you thinking of all the ways you can move just a little more.  Building more physical activity into you day/week/life does so much more than keep your weight down and muscles rippling.  It also improves sleep and energy levels while assisting with your good mood and with digestion.

3.       Eating is your responsibility.  Real men can cook!  Here is the sad truth.  Too many early deaths occur for the male population from simply feeding themselves like human garbage disposals.   We get it.  You’re strong and resilient.  You have a stomach of iron (in some alternate universe).   My brothers it comes down to one simple reality…YOU and only you are responsible for how you eat.

You may be fortunate enough to have a partner that does all the cooking or a favorite all night diner where everybody knows your name but that doesn’t excuse the person who is holding the fork.  You are smart and that means, not only can you learn to cook 3 healthy meals for yourself (and anyone else fortunate enough to be invited over) but you can also educate yourself about making smart decisions at lunch or any other time you may dine out.

If mom, dad or anyone else who loves you is cooking for you, request some healthier favorites.  Almost anyone who cooks on a regular basis will welcome some ideas for making those “what’s for dinner” decisions.  Sticking with real food is just simpler, healthier, and oftentimes cheaper too.

How will you celebrate Movember?  Be sure to comment below to share your story, helpful hints or to ask questions.  Kingdom Health is committed to your long and happy life.  Are you?

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