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How to start your sugar detox

How to start your sugar detox

Were you aware that the average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar a year! That breaks down to roughly 22 teaspoons a day for each person in America.

High sugar intake has been directly related to obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia, depression, ADHD, acne, heart disease, infertility, and impotence.   The best way to see for yourself the effect sugar is having on YOUR body and mind is to try cutting it out for at least 10 days. 


Before you start a detox, it is a good idea to have a plan in place, because the cravings will be shockingly strong for the first few days. Here are some steps to follow to help get you ready:

Get in the Right Mindset
Prepare yourself by making the decision to clear your body of sugar. This is important because you won’t have success if you don’t set your mind to it.  (Find useful info here.

Eat a Variety of  Whole Foods
Focus on eating healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. Eating healthily will help you feel better as your body starts its detox.

Build New Routines
It is hard to stop any addictive behavior cold turkey, so to soften the withdraw it is best to approach your detox by gearing up with small changes to your routine, such as reducing the sugar in your morning coffee or cutting down on any beverages with sugar throughout the day.

Throw Out the Sugar
Get rid of all the candies and sweets you have in your pantry. Listen, if it’s not there you are less likely to be tempted. And be sure to read those ingredient lists!  Sugar can hide in the most unusual suspects such as prepared soups and even vegetables.

Feel like you could do better if you had a plan?  Check out the Kingdom Health 7 Day Detox Cleanse here  




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